Thursday, January 7, 2010

New SMC LEY Series - Rod Style Electric Actuator

SMC has released a new rod style electric actuator, the LEY series.  Built into a compact package the new LEY series has the following features:

  • Max stroke 500 mm (19.68")
  • Speed control
  • Position control (Max. 64 points)
  • 2 Motor types
    • Stepper Motor
    • Servo Motor
  • Optional drop prevention via a non-energizing operation type lock mechanism.
  • Rod Scraper
  • 3 Sizes with a maximum pushing force (LEY32 with 4mm Lead) 707N or 159 lbs.
  • Max Speed 500 mm (19.68" / s)
The LEY series is typically sold as a set with a LEC controller.  The LEC controller is programmable and features 11 inputs and 13 outputs with up to 64 stored positions.  Additionally, the LEC controller has RS485 (Modbus protocol compliant) serial communication.

For the features series LEY is has a very good market price.  Complete systems including actuator, controller, and cables range from $1,300 - $2,000 depending on the options selected.  A teach pendent is available as an option but was not included in the pricing estimates above.

More information on SMC series LEY can be found in the  LEY Series Catalog

If you have application questions or need pricing and delivery please call (1-800-222-2903) or contact Scott Equipment online.


  1. It looks like simple device but very useful.
    Linear Actuator

  2. CAD files are also available from SMC's web site,


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