Friday, June 21, 2013

SMC's VEX3 Valve - True 3-Position 3-Way Poppet Valves

SMC's VEX3 valve can simplify, improve, and increase the performance of many pneumatic and vacuum applications.  The VEX3 valve is a true 3-way, 3-position closed center valve.  Available in internally-piloted solenoid, externally-piloted solenoid, and an air-pilot version the valve can be applied in applications from low vacuum to 145 psi.

What makes this valve unique and versatile is the valve's pressure balancing poppet design.  What are the benefits of a poppet design?

  • Fast Response - When actuated the valve port is immediately open to full air flow.
  • High flow rates - up to 37 Cv with a VEX3
  • Closed Crossover - When shifting the valve closes one flow path before opening another.  Unlike spool valves this means you have no transitional state where leakage can occur.  This provides you more precise control between positions.
  • Longer Life - Poppet valves have a longer life than spool valves.  The poppet valve design results in less wear on the seals.

Where can you apply a VEX3?

  • Vacuum Suction, Release (or blow off), and all ports blocked - The VEX3 is ideal for vacuum applications where people traditionally applied multiple 3-way valves or plugged ports on a 4-way.  Using 4-way valves in this application can result in blow by when switching positions and sluggish response.  The VEX3 allows full vacuum and pressure flow immediately with no blow-by when switching from vacuum to pressure.  You can select between pressure, vacuum, or all ports blocked.

  • Operation of Double Acting Cylinders - In this application you use two VEX3 valves, one to each port of the cylinder.  In this application you can put the cylinder in one of 9 different states (3 valve positions x 3 valve positions) including slow stopping, acceleration and deceleration.

  • Selector or Divider Valve - The pressure balancing poppet permits flow in any direction and allows you to use the valve as a pressure selector or direction divider valve.

For additional information see the specifications at the link below:

SMC VEX3 Specifications