Friday, July 11, 2014

Minimizing Electrical Noise in Actuator Drive Systems

Electrical noise is common in industrial environments.  Erratic movements, random system faults, and communications loss, are just a few of the symptoms.  Proper system design and wiring can minimize electrical noise to the point where it doesn't interfere with system reliability.  For more information check out Tolomatic's Whitepaper:

Minimizing electrical noise in actuator drive systems for maximum reliability and performance 

Electric drives and actuators often need to operate in harsh factory conditions that subject the equipment to dust, moisture, heat and vibration. This same environment will also include electrical noise that can disrupt actuator control signals and cause erratic movements or precipitate complete system failure. By understanding electrical noise, system designers can take steps to minimize this interference and ensure higher reliability and maximum performance from electrical drives and actuators. This paper will discuss the
cause of electrical noise and its effects on communication loss, while also providing tips on how to minimize noise and maximize electric drive system performance.
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Monday, July 7, 2014

Smallest Volume VFD on the Market - WEG CFW100

WEG has released the smallest volume Variable Speed Drive (VFD) on the market.  This tiny VFD is a single-phase variable frequency drive developed for simple applications ranging from 1/4 to 1 HP (0.18 kW to 0.75kW).  This drive is an ideal solution for many OEMs.  Connect this small drive to your induction motor and you get selectable scaler (V/F) or voltage vector control (VVW), along with a HMI for setup and monitoring.  The CFW100 is built around a plug & play philosophy so that installation and operation is fast and easy.

Features & Benefits

  • Power range: 0,18kW, 0,25kW and 0,75kW (0,25, 0,50 and 1,0 HP)
  • Single phase
  • Power supply voltage: 200-240 V
  • Scalar (V / F) or sensorless (VVW)
  • Plug-in modules: I/Os, USB, Bluetooth®, Infrared and Fieldbus communication
  • SoftPLC function built-in
  • HMI with 2 Parameters built-in
  • Ambient temperature 122 ÂșC
  • All the electronic boards are conformally coated classified as 3C2 according to IEC 60721-3-3
  • Protection Degree IP20
  • External RFI Filter (optional)
  • Flash memory module: In few seconds, it is possible to download the programming from a CFW100 to others without powering them up
  • SuperDrive G2 free softwares

Easy Configuration

Human Machine Interface

  • Machinery
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Process dosing pumps
  • Fans / exhausters
  • Stirrers / Mixers
  • Lift doors
  • Roller tables
  • Granulators / palletizers
  • Rotary flters
  • Small handling applications



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