Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Thursday, September 28, 2017

New MACM - Centering Unit from:

SMC's new MACM contributes to space saving on conveyor lines.  Heavy workpieces can now be aligned and positioned with small cylinders, resulting in compact conveyor lines.

Maximum allowable load weight 2205 lbs

Workpieces can be moved in any direction:  forward/backward, right/left, at an angle, and even rotated (360 degrees).  Ball bearings allow for smooth operation.

Table center has a moveable range of 100mm Max (MACM10-50)

Application Example:  Conveyor Line

1.  Transferred workpieces are stopped
Workpieces transferred at an angle are stopped at an alignment point (stops where the centering unit is installed).
2.  Centering unit rises
Cylinder rises to lift the workpiece (separates roller conveyor from workpiece).
3.  Workpiece alignment/table lock
Alignment cylinder correct skewed workpieces and realigns them.  After alignment the table of the centering unit is locked to maintain the corrected position even after the adjustment cylinders are released.

4.  Centering unit descends/workpiece is transferred to next step
Cylinder descends, places workpiece back on the roller conveyor, and transfers it to the next step.

Additional information available in SMC's New Products Guide Vol. 4

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