Tuesday, April 10, 2012

No-Drip, Quick Disconnect Fluid Coupler for Use in Electronic Equipment

SMC's new KKA couplers are designed to quickly connect/disconnect equipment to a liquid coolant supply.  The KKA couplers are ideal for server farms where centralized cooling systems must be connected to multiple servers that need to be easily disconnected for maintenance.

These modules feature:
  • No-Drip Design* with integral check valve on both the plug and socket.
  • Minimal pressure drop through the coupling
  • Compact design, lightweight, and grease free
  • Smooth and easy connect/disconnect - easily done with a single hand
  • Minimal aeration at each connection
  • Operates reliably when subjected to shock and vibration
  • Designed specifically to withstand water hammer effects - handles 1,450 psi burst pressure

If you would like a sample, or application assistance please Contact Us.

*Incredibly low dripping upon connect and disconnect (as low as 0.02 cubic cm) see this link for more information on dripping characteristics by size.