Friday, April 16, 2010

New Bimba Electric Actuators - (OLE) Original Line Electric

Electric actuators from Bimba have been been available as customs for several years now. With the press release from Bob Kral (Bimba OLE Product Manager) yesterday, Bimba has officially released their standard rod-type electric actuators.  From the press release:
Issued by: Bob Kral, Product Manager - April 15, 2010 
Original Line Electric (OLE) rod type actuators, Bimba’s first standard rod-type electric actuators, are designed to provide the longest life, greatest durability, highest speed, and greatest thrust per dollar. Their modular design enables them to be purchased as a complete actuator, motor, and control solution, or as an actuator by itself ready to accept the user’s preference of motor, stepper or servo. Prices start at $299.

Model availability - Most models and options are available now, including the reverse parallel mount. Exceptions are the reverse parallel with rear clevis or pivot, which will be available May 15, and the NE option (no motor with coupler for a 12mm shaft) which will be available May 1. Delivery of standard models is 4 days (for orders of 5 units or fewer).
Models and options - OLE models are available in 1.5, 2, and 3 inch diameters, in strokes up to 18 inches, thrusts up to 350 pounds, and speeds up to 24 inches per second. Standard options include trunion, block front, clevis, pivot, and foot mounts, step motors, drivers, and encoders, brakes, washdown ratings, female rod threads, and switches and switch tracks. 

The warranty on the OLE is a 1-year warranty covering workmanship and materials, expandable to 2-years free of charge with registration.  Additionally, in case you missed it we would like to draw attention to the starting price of $299.  This is the lowest entry price we have seen for an "industrial" electric actuator.  Leave it to Bimba, who revolutionized air cylinders with the non-repairable crimped body cylinder, to revolutionize industrial electric actuators in 2010.

At Scott Equipment we are excited about Bimba's release and we have a demo case arriving in early May.  If you would like additional information or to schedule a demo contact our OLE product manager Dave Lange (

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