Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New mk Belt Curve Conveyor

Belt Curve Conveyor System KGF-P 2040, the latest addition to mk's conveyor line, is compatible with all other mk conveyor systems. This conveyor features a standard 20 mm rolling knife edge which allows for the transfer of small parts. Automatic belt tensioning is built in.

  • Loads up to 50 kg 
  • 60º, 90º and 180º conveyor angle 
  • 300, 400, 500 and 600 mm widths for a 90º curve. 
  • Speed - 5 to 80 m/min 
  • Bidirectional 
  • Low belt wear 
Technical Detail Link:

Complimentary Replacement Belt for mk Conveyors

mk Automation is offering a complimentary replacement belt for all GUF-P Mini, GUF-P 2000, and GUF-P2041 orders placed before 12/31/2009.
The Fine Print -> (Offer is not applicable to belts with top side cleats)

For more technical info on mk Conveyors [click here]
To place orders or receive pricing call 800-222-2903 or email

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Need a high flow 4-way valve? How about 4.4 Cv?

The SMC series VQ5000 valves offer an extremely high Cv, up to 4.4, double the Cv of conventional valves commonly described as having large flow characteristics. Available with single or double solenoids in both metal and rubber seal construction, the valves assist rapid actuator movement by offering fast response times of up to 17 ms or less (double coil, metal seal model).

These valves have a life expectancy of 100 million cycles or more and come with IP65 enclosure protection Available in various solenoid voltages including, 12, 24V in DC, and 100, 110, 200, 220 V in AC power supply. The valves with DC power supply, comes with standard power consumption of 1W.  An optional low power consumption coil reduces this to 0.5W.

These valves are stocked locally in rubber seal, 24V DC and 110V AC versions.  All valves are sub-base or manifold mount.

[Link to local stock listing]     [PDF Catalog Link]   [SMC Etech CAD and Ordering Reference]

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Flow Controls... and even more flow controls.

We don't like to wait for basic pneumatic parts any longer than you do.  In an effort to broaden our already substantial offering of SMC flow controls we have added some new series to our local stock.  As long as you are "metering out" we have 12 different series of flow controls in stock locally including:
  • Metal Body
  • Low Speed
  • Flow Control Mufflers
  • Inline Flow Controls
  • Screwdriver Adjustment
  • Panel Mount
  • PO Check & Flow Control
  • Safety Pressure Release Flow Controls
  • and more...
Take a look at our stock here.  If we don't have what you need (which is pretty unlikely) we can get it in a few days from the factory. [Link:  SMC Flow Controls]

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jokab Safeball™ Category 4 Two-Hand Control Device

The Jokab Safeball is a completely new approach to the design of one and two-hand safety devices. Safeball consists of a spherical ball containing two embedded push button switches, one on each side of the ball. By using this push button configuration, the risk of unintentional activation is minimized and the device is simple and ergonomic to use.

In the case where two-hand control is used, both Safeballs i.e. all four push buttons have to be activated within 0.5 seconds.

If one or more push buttons are released a Stop signal is given to the machine. In order to provide the highest level of safety the Safeball design provides the operator with a dual switching function and short circuit supervision in each hand. The design allows for comfort of use for all hand sizes and operation from numerous gripping positions.

New Safety Publication from OSHA

A 60 page booklet recently published by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration presents an excellent overview of the need and application of machine safety guarding and electronic machine safety devices. The publication, titled “Safeguarding Equipment and Protecting Employees from Amputation”, provides a wealth of general information regarding the concept of machine safety and how the OSHA Standards apply.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

VQC Cartridge Fitting Overview

SMC cartridge fittings add a lot of flexibility to valve manifolds. You can get just the tube sizes you need without the need to use adapters or multiple fittings. The video shows VQC4000 valves but all SV and VQC valves use these cartridge fittings. Watch the video for an overview of SMC cartridge fittings.

Integrated Motor Actuator from Tolomatic

The IMA is a compact, durable, high force rod-style actuator. The IMA integrates a servo motor with a proven mechanical design to provide efficient high force in a compact lightweight design envelope. Our patent-pending design allows for easy re-lubrication without disassembly for extremely long service life. Tolomatic has over 50 years of experience manufacturing rodless and rod-style electric and pneumatic actuators. The IMA combines this experience and the power of servo motor technology into one actuator. The result: reliable, affordable power in a compact package.