Thursday, September 10, 2009

Need a high flow 4-way valve? How about 4.4 Cv?

The SMC series VQ5000 valves offer an extremely high Cv, up to 4.4, double the Cv of conventional valves commonly described as having large flow characteristics. Available with single or double solenoids in both metal and rubber seal construction, the valves assist rapid actuator movement by offering fast response times of up to 17 ms or less (double coil, metal seal model).

These valves have a life expectancy of 100 million cycles or more and come with IP65 enclosure protection Available in various solenoid voltages including, 12, 24V in DC, and 100, 110, 200, 220 V in AC power supply. The valves with DC power supply, comes with standard power consumption of 1W.  An optional low power consumption coil reduces this to 0.5W.

These valves are stocked locally in rubber seal, 24V DC and 110V AC versions.  All valves are sub-base or manifold mount.

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