Thursday, July 7, 2011

New SMC Electric Rotary Table

SMC has released a new electric rotary table series LER. The LER is a nice compliment to SMC's rapidly expanding line of electric linear actuators and grippers. Series LER achieves a low profile and space saving design by building the motor into the housing.

  • Built-in motor
  • High torque - Special low backlash (30x) worm gear
  • Shock-less/high speed actuation (Max speed: 420 degrees/sec)
  • Positioning Repeatability:  +/-0.05 degrees
  • Up to 320 degrees rotation
  • Possible to set speed, acceleration/deceleration, and position for up to 64 points
  • Manual override screw on both sides to adjust the table position when the power is off.
  • Automatic energy saving mode - 40% power reduction after the table has stopped
  • Hollow shaft to pass through cables to attached components

Like all the new electric actuators from SMC the control and programming is familiar and easy because it utilizes the same LE series controller, software and optional teach pendent.

When fully configured the LER series is priced competitively.  A fully configured LER10 series including actuator, motor, cables, drive/controller is around $1,130.  The largest size LER50 fully configured with high precision bearings, motor, cables, drive/controller is around $1,800.

For more information:
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