Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Scott Equipment is thrilled to announce the addition of the Murrelektronik line of products.

Murrelektronik is your system partner to help reduce your wiring effort.

Control Cabinet
Murrelektronik views power management as the starting point
for machine efficiency. Power conditioning, properly sized power
supplies, current monitoring, redundancy and energy
savings are all considered when we assemble a power
management solution for our partners.

The combined technologies offered by Murrelektronik help you
to achieve a power management solution tailored to your
application, your budget and your peace of mind.

Filter – Power – Redundancy – Current Monitoring - Buffer :

all available from Murrelektronik

Signal transferring and processing happens all over in industrial
machine environments. Communicating the signals between the
cabinet and field is where Murrelektronik has multiple solutions
for creating the right interface for your application. Convenient
service outlets, space saving control panel interface, Ethernet
switches, and signal convertors are all available from
Murrelektronik. Combining our array of cabinet signal interface
products with the rest of our connectivity solutions will help to
improve machine reliability and serviceability.

Modlink MSDD | Modlight | MIRO GSM | Ethernet Switch

With Murrelektronik‘s fieldbus technology you can connect
sensors and actuators conveniently and systematically to a higher
control level. This allows cost-effective installation and
automation solutions in machines and plants for many industries.

Murrelektronik offers solutions for any application. Our fieldbus
modules enable convenient and thorough diagnostics. While the
principle of “changing the bus without changing the system”
provides flexibility.

Cube20 | Cube20S | Cube67+ | Impact20 | Impact67 | MVK

Versatile, easy to use, interchangeable M12 connectors for
industrial applications reduce your wiring effort and ease

Murrelektronik offers a wide variety of M12 & M8 components in
several color and cable choices for your applications. Distribution
boxes are available to handle up to 16 signals. The cost effective
overmmolded cable design will simplify your wiring and replace
junction boxes.

M8 | M12 | Valve Plugs | Distribution Boxes | Field Wireables

For more information about Murrelektronik visit their webpage:  http://www.murrinc.com/

Contact Scott Equipment today to find out how Murr can help you reduce your wiring effort.

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