Tuesday, May 19, 2015

New F-Guides from LinMot

LinMot USA F-Guides are available in single axis, with optional z-axis, and in gantry configurations as shown above.  The F-Guides use LinMot's linear motors to deliver high speed and accurate positioning.
F-Guide Advantages:
  • Uses an industry standard high speed bearing and rail system.
  • Increased actuator stiffness and smoother operation
  • Stroke lengths from 5.5" to 74.7"
  • Guides are shipped from stock 2-3 week delivery.
  • Repeatability without an external sensor +/- 0.002 in
  • Repeatability with an external sensor +/- 0.0004 in
  • Uses LinMot's linear motors with an expected operating life on the motor of up to 2 billion cycles when properly applied**

  • Synchronous Insertion or Cutting
  • Product Sorting
  • Product Rejection
  • Product Assembly
  • Product Repositioning including Rotation
  • Container / Bottle Capping
  • Conveyor Diverting / Positioning
  • Label Positioning - Application
  • Camera - Lighting Positioning
  • Pad Printing
  • Sealer Positioning and Control
For additional information including detailed information visit LinMot-usa.com.  Detailed information can be found in the LinMot F01-37S Guide.

If you have a specific application, would like to see a demo, need sizing assistance please contact Scott Equipment.

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