Monday, June 4, 2012

SMC's New LAT3 Miniature Linear Motor Actuator

SMC's new LAT3 series card motors are miniaturized electric actuators incorporating a linear motor, linear guide and a displacement sensor. These units are designed for the following applications:
  • Small working envelope - 9 mm thick, 60 - 90 mm long, 50 mm wide 
  • Low pushing force  - maximum pushing force of 6 N
  • High accuracy - repeatability ± 5µm
  • Measurement - ± 10µm pushing measurement accuracy (with an example load mass of 100 g, and stroke of 5mm)
  • High Duty Cycle - Up to 500 cycles per minute.
The unit is very easy to program.  Enter the position, move time, and the load mass and the controller will automatically calculate the speed, acceleration, and deceleration necessary to make the move.

For additional information see the PDF catalog at this link:  SMC LAT3 PDF Catalog

If you need application assistance or would like a demonstration of the unit please contact Scott Equipment.

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