Wednesday, September 28, 2011

SMC Pass Through Regulators

Pass through regulators have been around for years.  People often forget about them when designing a system with multiple pressure drops and instead use individual regulators, running a supply to each one.  Pass through regulator manifolds consist of a common supply with multiple independent pressure drops. SMC has several options for pass through regulators:

NARM Series
The NARM series is one of our favorites.  Made of metal it is built like a tank and has a gauge port allowing you to select from a variety of standard gauges.  The unit comes in 4 sizes.  The smallest size has 1/8" NPT inlets and 1/8" NPT outlets.  The largest size has 1/2" NPT inlets and 3/8" outlets.  Inlet pressure can enter the unit from either direction. SMC is even kind enough to include a plug you can use in the other side if you only want to port the unit from one end.  

For more information:   NARM Catalog Link

ARM Series
The ARM series is SMC's smaller manifold regulator system.  Available in a pass through version this manifold can be configured with many options. Some of the options:
  • Built-in gauges
  • Handle facing Up, Front/Forward, or Down.
  • Mix and match cartridge fittings (elbows & straights).
  • Relieving / Non-Relieving
  • 0-50 psi reduced pressure version.
  • Manual Shut Off Valve
  • Pressure Switch
While not as rugged as the NARM series the ARM series regulators work great in panels.  The pass through version must be din rail mounted because it depends on the din rail end clamps to keep the manifold compressed together.
Discs are used between each regulator and depending on the disc used the unit will either pass a common supply or pull from it's own supply port.  Thus, it is possible to create manifolds with multiple pressure inlets from each end or even mix individually supplied regulators onto a manifold with common supply manifolds.

For more information:  ARM Catalog Link

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