Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Balluff Low-Profile Transducer - Micropulse PF®

Today more applications than ever in automation need linear position feedback.  Many of these applications have requirements to fit them into smaller spaces. To give us more space saving options Balluff has released the PF or "Perfect Fit" Micropulse® transducer.

The Micropulse® PF series provides accurate, reliable linear position feedback, in a sleek, industrial, low-profile anodized aluminum housing.

  • Low-profile, space-saving housing
  • Non-contact magnetostrictive technology
  • Absolute analog output
  • Stroke lengths up to 180"
  • Accurate, rugged, and reliable
  • 5-day standard delivery
  • Assembled in the USA

Less than 1" high, the Micropulse PF is ideal for space critical applications. The rugged, compact, extruded-aluminum housing fits into even the tightest space.

The Micropulse PF is available with voltage (0…10V, -10…+10V) or current (0.1…20 mA or 4…20 mA) outputs. The sensing element and processing electronics are contained within the Micropulse PF’s low-profile housing. No additional processing electronics are required.

ZERO and SPAN can be easily and quickly programmed anywhere within the active stroke. Programming can be done through the connector, either manually or by using the optional in-line programming box.

The Micropulse PF® has an industry-standard M12 connector.  The integrated bi-color status LED provides at-a-glance confirmation of operational status, and also provides visual feedback during stroke scaling.

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