Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SMC CBG1 End Lock Cylinders

Need your cylinder to hold position if you lose air pressure?  The SMC CBG1,  that is now manufactured in Indianapolis, may be the answer.

The SMC CBG1 series is based on the CG1 series cylinders.    In addition to the features of the CG1 series the CBG1 series also includes:
  • Three available end locking types: Head side, rod side or both
  • Standard with a choice of manual override: Locking or non-lock type
  • Very low 2mm maximum locking backlash
  • Lock holding force of up to 5390N (1,211 lbs.)
  • Very low maximum lock release pressure of 0.15Mpa (21.75 psi)
  • Standard with urethane bumper or available with optional air cushion for extra end of stroke kinetic energy absorption capability
  • The design of the CBG1 allows for rod seal replacement if necessary
  • Available with optional internal magnet for end of stroke sensing capability
  • 8 bore sizes from 20mm to 100mm
For more information contact Scott Equipment.  We will be glad to assist you in specifying a CBG1 for your application.