Saturday, February 1, 2014

Application Spotlight - Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic Sensors - Sound solutions for object detection and measurement

Whether your application is position detection, distance measurement, or the detection of solid, powder, or liquid media: BUS ultrasonic sensors are precise all-around performers. They remain high-performance independent of color, transparency, and surface properties. Even poor lighting conditions and dark, transparent, or highly reflective objects pose no problem.

Ultrasonic sensors show their true strength when long operating ranges with high accuracy are needed. In dusty, humid, and hazy environments, they are sometimes the only alternative. Even in the case of heavy debris, BUS sensors have proven themselves.

Ultrasonic sensors can be used in many application areas

Foil tear monitoring Ultrasonic sensors
with switching output can be used for foil tear
monitoring. If large waves are formed in the foil,
the sensor should be operated as a diffuse
reflective sensor. This operating mode functions
reliably even if the sound is reflected by waves in
the foil.

Height and width measurement
Through the use of multiple BUS M30 or
BUS 18M ultrasonic sensors, three-dimensional
measurements can be made for everything from
small boxes to large cartons.

Presence verification BUS detect filled or
empty pallets and measure the content of
transport containers. If a box or a container is to
be inspected with multiple sensors, they can be
synchronized with each other.

Robot positioning Due to their small dimensions, BUS are
ideally suited for exactly positioning robot arms:
BUS 18M ultrasonic sensors in threaded
sleeve and BUS R06K in block-style housing.

Control foil sag and monitor roll diameter Using an ultrasonic sensor with analog output, the material on a roll or a coil is detected and the roll drive or a brake readjusted. Another sensor with analog output readjusts the material infeed at the dancer roller as a function of the cable loop.

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