Monday, December 28, 2009

Reverse-Parallel "Your Motor Here"

Tolomatic has announced an expansion to the "Your Motor Here" program to include reverse-parallel housing on the RSA24 and RSA32.  The Tolomatic "Your Motor Here" makes mounting your motors to our actuators easy.  

Find a match that works for you and Tolomatic will supply a motor mount...FREE...when you order an actuator. What's more, they will build and ship the actuator and motor mount to you in 5 days or less! (Limited to motors and actuators displayed on the Your Motor Here website.)

For more information:
"Your Motor Here" Tolomatic MXB Belt Drives
"Your Motor Here" Tolomatic MXE Screw Drives

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Make it Modular

We are big fans of SMC's modular air prep mounting system using the Y200T - Y600T wall brackets and Y200 - Y500 spacers.  Now SMC has created a way to take other standard components and make them modular with the Series E210/310/410 modular adapters. 

These modular adapters save space and create a rigid connection. If you need to replace or maintain a component you no longer have to unscrew it from the pipe nipple or reconnect tubes.  Simply loosen the spacer brackets and the component slides right out for maintenance or replacement.  

The adapters are made with Unifit technology so they will thread into existing components with NPT, Rc, or G threads.

These modular adapters are available now.  For pricing or delivery click here, give us a call, or contact us electronically.  

[Link to PDF Catalog]
[Link to Adapters on]

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fabco-Air's New Pneumatic Crimper

Fabco-Air offers pneumatic crimping tools designed for joining PEX plumbing connections, splicing aircraft control cables and wire rope assemblies. These tools use multiple pistons with special internal plumbing through the rod to deliver over 4000 pounds of force to the jaws.

They are available in hand-held or bench-mounted units.  These tools can be used to tackle a variety of applications with confidence. Typical applications:

  • Making plumbing assemblies 
  • Splicing wire rope and cable assemblies
  • Crimping electrical terminals and connectors
  • Swaging mechanical fasteners
  • Staking, punching, piercing and flaring subassembly components
  • Sealing, embossing and notching assemblies
  • Special clamping and holding assemblies

Link - View the New Product Flyer pdf for more information.

Custom jaws are available - Send us the parts you want crimped and we will build a power head with the jaws to do your job.

Please note - Fabco Air's pneumatic crimping tools are not available for electronic ordering from the Scott Equipment website at this time.  Please give us a call, email, or contact us via electronic support and we will be glad to assist you with pricing, availability and ordering.